A smile fixed by a desntist in Saint George, UT
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Visit Dr. Olsen, your Dentist in Saint George, UT

When you go to the dentist, you want maximum results for minimal pain. At Red Cliffs Dental, we've perfected the art of the painless dental visit! If you have pain Dr. Olsen simply will not continue. He will make sure you are as comfortable as possible. Dr. Kelly Olsen is one of the few Southern Utah dentists who is licensed to perform IV sedation, a safe procedure that not only keeps patients tranquil, relaxed, and comfortable, but also makes dental procedures virtually pain-free.

Friendly Relationships

We know you feel more comfortable when you feel valued as a friend, not just as a patient. Dr. Olsen's patients routinely report that they are treated so well in our offices that they can't remember a better trip to the dentist or any other medical office. At Red Cliffs Dental, we remember you and work to make you comfortable at every visit.

An Artist and Perfectionist

Dr. Olsen wants your smile and your dental health to be perfect; he knows anything less than the best is unsatisfactory. Over the years his eye for detail and artistic perfection has yielded amazing resultsójust look at our photo gallery for proof.

Even less-than-perfect smiles can become star quality after a few visits with Dr. Olsen and his capable staff. Some of our happiest patients agree that they rarely smiled before coming to Red Cliffs Dental, and now they can't stop smiling!

We know it can be a little overwhelming when you choose a dentist. St. George UT has a perfect, virtually painless solution; contact us today at Red Cliffs Dental, and join our family of happy smiling patients.

Springstone Financing

Spring Forward Today! SpringstoneSM makes it easy to say YES to treatment with low monthly payments, no money down, and no payment for 6 weeks.